Don’t Teach the Saudis

We haven’t spoken about this post, but I can tell that he was pretty upset when he wrote it. Good reason, too. Something for all of us to think about… before we speak, before we act, but it is relevant to all of us.

“I am concerned for several reasons. Yes, they are allies. However as everybody knows, 19 of the 9/11 highjackers were from Saudi. Several of them trained at a martial arts school in Florida. I work in a field where it is possible for me or a coworker to encounter such a person. The knife techniques of Filipino martial arts in the wrong hands is a scary thought. I believe the utmost oversight is called for.”
(Author unknown)

i want to say something racist about this, statement, that watch out if you teach the saudis.

the attacker of the oklahoma bombing is a white christian guy, who was a member of the US Army. using the “dont teach the saudis” idea, dont teach a white man, dont teach a christian, dont teach a military man, oh, he was a man right, dont teach men. that is an ignorant way of selection.

how about padilla, he is a mexican, so we shouldnt teach a mexican either right? no wait, he is a US citizen, so again, dont teach an american.

the DC sniper, he was military too right? no, he is american, and he is black, so lets dont teach a black american who was military.

and they are muslim so dont teach a muslim. forget that some of this art, came to you from a muslim.

the unabomber, he is american, he was a white man, and he hated america. skin heads out here in california, they hate the US government, which oppressed the white man. so who is the real enemy?

the enemy of the FMA is commericalism. teach as many people as you can, with no commitment from them, for a short amount of time, teach them through your videos, your seminars when your in a country for three days and boom…your out to the next state or kenpo school. who cares the background of these guys, or even if they can fight good enough to represent your style, or if they can fight good enough to save his family members or his own behind. some of us (not me) have students who are certified as teachers and cant even fight his way in a paper bag, and i would say that you know it, but the truth is, you really dont know, because the method of teaching the FMA is very unpersonal, and the real grandmaster around here, is the man named “dollar bill”.

dont worry about if the guy you teach is going to kill a bouncer in the club, or hijack a plane or stab a group of teenagers after you have beat them up. yes, we all regret it if our student hurts another person with the skills we teach him. BUT the real problem is, you gave up the most dangerous of your style and you dont know this guy. there is no commitment from the student because there is no commitment from the teacher. he is making bucks and building websites to sell certifications. students spend less than 200 hours a year with you, you cannot get to know them well enough as a martial student to train them and get to know them well. so what will you do? run “proverify”? check finger prints? call his old teachers? the teacher-student relationship have become a business-customer relationship. this is the reason why your art gets to the wrong hands. but a student can always turn bad, but the way is being taught, anyone can get this art.

if you look at a mans religion or his country, that sir, are a racist. tell you want, dont go to the middle east, go to europe. they have lots of young, christian, white bald headed young men, who will make very strong students for your FMA.

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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