My Prediction for the Next “McDojo”

Insightful! Guro called this one like a psychic! Think of all the new fads in the martial arts, and notice that the new trend is to deny you are teaching martial arts at all! Written a year ago….

how much you want to bet, the next art to become the new thing in video, seminars, even schools….is not going to be any rare martial arts……but streetfighting with NO martial arts, and NO boxing, and NO wrestling! they will still sell certificates (theres already some kung fu guys in NYC who teaches “52 blocks”, but they never been to prison, and they aint 5 percenters. yes, street fighting from the “hood”. but its going to be bigger than every before. streetfighting experts from the streets of buffalo new york or youngtown ohio, you can beat any UFC fighter with these secrets! crips and blood streetfighting tactics! learn to stomp somebody ass into the ground, 3 on 1!

the thing about the martial artists, is, he never grew up from 12 years old. he’s still searching for “secret” styles and techniques nobody can beat. he still belives in the “supersuit” that gives you superpower (we call this muay thai shorts or bjj uniforms), straight from the temples of suburbs and internet websites. the 12 year old kids who use to buy karate posters and 10 page course from the comic book, he is teaching, still in “10 easy lesson”, except now its called “intensive no-nonsense training camp!” look at his resume. the dates of his “certification” will be exactly 12 months after important martial arts storms: like: van dam movie “kickboxer” (muay thai), jason scott lee “dragon” (JKD/wing chun), jeff speakman “perfect weapons” (kenpo), bjj/etc (after the UFC, and release of some bjj video), “ong bak” (ancient muay thai), eskrima, noo excuse me, kali (after the hunted, and cable TV specials like fightquest), you get it. but look all the way back when he was 13 years old, his first black belt is from a shopping center karate (or maybe a real school), but that master is not on his website….

the martial artist, is afraid to prove what he has. that is why he lets his friends promote him. this is why he says he doesnt like tournaments. he teachs boxing, but he never been in a boxing gym. we have guys who watch zulu stick fighting on pbs, and now, they teach it! i wonder how long they studied before the zulus “certified” them. you know, even after bravehard, and 300, and troy, we have guys who abandon there karate, fma, and other asian style to teach “gladiator style fighting/wma”. yeah, okay. one guy came to my place who says he knows a roman stickfighting. what he showed to me looks like kendo. well, maybe the samurai stole it from the romans.

this is why many people do not take the martial arts seriously, because we have so many clowns who study an art 10 years, and he is not courageous enough to stand by his learning, and defend what he learned. we dont take our own training serious, this is why we are forever trying to learn something else that makes us “confident”. why is this? because our teachers fail us when they “certify” us and we are not the best he can produce. i know this is true, and so does the seminar guys who targets not the beginning student, but TEACHERS and EXPERTS. you can make a lot of money from another man insecurity. the truth is, most black belters, did not work hard to get it, and he does not have the confidence that he can really back up his certificate, and even there teachers know this is true, but everyone keeps doing it….so anyway, beginning of this week, i am going to start my “combat streetfighting classes” at my school. this is not martial arts base, but only the most effective fight skills proven by a selected few bangers and thugs know the secrets. you can learn them all in one day, and i guarantee that you can beat any mma guy on the “big yard”…the streets! lol