McDojo in the Philippines

A quickie…

i think the new “mcdojo” in the philippines is to live up to those stories foreigners think about when they go to the philippines. they are looking for dressing up in moro costumes and army uniform? what size are you. they want “kali”? give it to them. they want training in the mud? train with the pigs and caribou? sure, we got that. and when you’re done….here’s your certificate, i even going to put you on my website.

its bad now, that the small old guy in the province is not respected as a master, because he never bragged to kill people in death matches, he doesnt speak good, or educated, and he doesnt have a website or foreign students.

i’m very proud that we dont have mega schools in the philippines, but i am not proud that we ‘give them what they came for”. this is for money, and fame, forget if the student really knows how to fight or not, and that makes a lot of commercialsim in the philippine martial arts.


Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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