It’s Never the Right Time To Have a Baby

I think out of all my friends who have part time martial arts schools AND a full time job, 95% of them would like to quit their jobs and teach full time. About 5% of them lie to themselves, pretending to love the work schedule they are living.

So, at what point do you leave the job to pursue your life’s mission?

I have to admit, it was a little unfair… me opening my school at 22 and no kids or wife to prevent me from living my childhood dream. I don’t know about you, but when money is hard, your spouse is probably going to tell you to leave the school (if she hasn’t already) or your sense of responsibility will kick in and you will consider closing the school since it takes away time and energy and money from the household. For most of you, there are mouths to feed, mortgage to pay, the dark cloud called “risk” over your head threatening homelessness if you fail in your mission. So, you end up doing what every part time teacher is doing: working two jobs hoping that one day you will have enough enrollment to teach full time and give the school the attention it needs.

Am I on the money with this one?

It is a catch-22. Can’t increase enrollment because you’re either not there every day all day and you don’t have the money to go balls to the wall with advertising and promotion. Then on the other hand, you can’t quit the job because it puts food on the table and enables you to have a school. So the day called “one day” seems like a distant time in the future that never comes, because year after year, your enrollment stays the same. Something has to give!

I could do what everyone does and just say “hang in there, you can do it!”  but it’s not fair to urge people to quit their jobs when they may not have the tools to ensure success. The truth is, there is no guarantee and there is no product, system, or marketing plan that is fool proof. It’s not an exact science like, say, fighting technique (yeah, right!). Well, I want to share some of my hard-earned knowledge and techniques to help you, because the FMA community has too many part-timers… we need full time, dedicated masters out here!

I am writing a book on how I marketed my school with the limited education I have, but I’d like to still post articles to help.

Keep in mind, that what many of us are doing isn’t working, it isn’t healthy, and everything suffers–our families, our health, our jobs, our school’s financial health, our martial skills! With careful planning and a lot of discipline, it can be done. I believe if you use me as a model and you stick to the method I use every day, that you will soon be in your school full time. Not exactly making a million dollars a year, but you will make pretty good money without having to add “After School Karate” to get it. The same way couples can never seem to get to the right time to have that baby they are planning, as a businessman, you may have to just take the plunge and do it. You’re all soliders and warriors, I’m sure you can handle the stresses of being out on a limb. But it will take a lot of preparation before you do it (come on, we don’t want to be stupid here!) and it isn’t as hard as it may seem!

Please check back with me, and later this week I’ll have that first article up.


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you’ve benefited from whatever I’ve posted!

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