Training versus Teaching Students

Original, unedited post from 2006. We will have a more detailed, edited post up soon, but I thought I’d tease everyone with something from the “kuntawman” archives:

training vs teaching

many FMA people, i noticed, spend a lot of time teaching the student and not training them. what makes a fighter effective, is what he can do, not what he knows.

there’s a lot of 400 pound couch potatos who “know” how the Clippers can win a game, but they are not very valuable to the clippers themself, are they. not saying they can’t coach the clippers, but who will give them the job.

martial artists spend too much time with knowledge not enough time with skill. this is bad for the art, because it allows us to respect ideas more than skill. how many discussions have we battled because some people believe you need to “know” how to teach, more important than you “know” how to fight. i’m sorry, if a man cant fight, i would not study under him, i dont give a damn what he knows. if you will spend hundreds of dollars to follow a guy and you dont care about his ability, then you really dont want to fight.

this is why the tournament is so valuable to the martial artist. especially for FMA artists, because there is so small numbers of arnis people around that are willing to fight, the last thing we need is more FMA philosophizers. Philosphy and ideas mean nothing if you do not make them work. and skill is developed in training, not practice, and definitely not in learning. you can learn how to throw a punch but it is the guy who threw it thousands of times, full speed, full power, that will be successful in a fight. no matter how many different ways you learn to throw that punch.

so fma people, train your skill, stop taking all these damn seminars. the rest of the martial arts world is laughing at us because of our 9th degree masters who cant fight. and stop putting down tournaments like WEKAF, unless you are willing to go there and prove that you can do it better.


Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

One thought on “Training versus Teaching Students”

  1. Now you have taken your blog to the next level ! This topic applies to all arts. I just came from a tournament a few weeks ago, and saw the worst proformance of my twenty so years of being around the arts. I had stop attending tournaments for many years because no one knew how to fight, or the rules were so damm safe that if you made contact in any way that displayed emotions you would be disqualfied or even banned from there org. If the belt is black then let them fight and eat cake.

    This is one of the main reasons why my hole family luvs MMA. The only reason for the mma comment… You can kick butt and feel good about your skills.
    Pls Pass this on to our Champ… Big K.

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