Seminar Guys, Challenges, and Chismiss

I was reading the blog of another martial artist back East (Mushtaq Ali, in Michigan), and came across this topic about a tournament they had last month. It got me thinking about a few subjects.

The article actually opened my eyes up to a few things, that I’d like to share with you. Because it’s actually 1 a.m., I would like to just write these things down now and hopefully have them edited and posted sometime tomorrow.

  • apparently, I am right about the shift of trends. Seminar guys are starting to compete and fight more often, and I am happy to see this. It is one of the main things missing from seminar community. I believe that the more popular and accepted it becomes, we will begin to see better skilled martial artists coming out of that community. If they can combine this part of the martial arts subculture with better training methods, teaching philosophy and overall martial arts philosophy, the FMAs will resume its station as a great fighting style here in the West. However, we are several decades–and MANY generations behind the other more popular arts. It’s a lofty goal, but not impossible.
  • backbiting is still around as with any group of people, but it has no place among fighters. See, unlike other people, we have a “different” (for lack of a better term) way of expressing disagreement, and settling differences. In the article, we see that Guro Smith (Buzz, that is) and Guro Ali are having a bit of a squabble. It bothers me that this disagreement is more of a misunderstanding between friends, and it bothers me more that it is concerning a seemingly good will gesture gone awry, between two good men. On the other hand, Guro Ali is correct in that a little bit of conflict is good for business. In addition to business it is good for one’s art as well! What better way to exercise the old muscles and courage than to challenge someone to a fight? I love it… the Philippine martial arts are alive and well in Michigan! Seriously, I thought Guro Ali handled himself very well (if you didn’t go to the link you’re really missing out), just as Dr. Jerome Barber handled himself well with the conflicts he was involved with. I think these men did with class, and as gentlemen. I still like the good ole fashioned “kick em in the pants” method, but it is always refreshing to learn something new!
  • I see that the Jeet Kune Do guys in the midwest are fighting as well. That’s a good thing. I still don’t care much for “concepts” and their preferred method of training, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Those guys are (as my son would say) “representing”.
  • if you want to really settle a controversy old fashioned style, pick a venue (tournament) and invite your victim to enter. This way, there are witnesses, rules, and the opportunity to shut your victim up with words or his inaction. I love it.

Thanks for reading my blog, everyone… Have a good weekend!


Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

One thought on “Seminar Guys, Challenges, and Chismiss”

  1. Mushtaq jumped both feet into a tirade about me not accepting a challenge from him. I never recieved a challenge- I was at the PIG to help support it, I had told John Bednarski that I was not allowed to compete due to prednesone treatment making my bones brittle and causeing my muscles to waste- a condition that Mushtaq tried to help me with the year before. He claimed I had faked a limp
    but if you look at my youtube seminar video for the previous 2 years you will see I am limping due to muscle degeneration in my hip. He was mad at me for saying he didn’t attend the gathering because he chose not to come.

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