Teaser: Some Teaching Tips

I found this notebook in my school, belonging to one of my senior students. The date of this page I will quote from is August 2004, and the title of his notes is “Tips for Teaching”. I don’t remember this class, but I often give lectures to my boys, and I require all students to keep a notebook.

We are not going to discuss these things in detail, but I am glad to see that these guys are referencing old notes:


  1. Always start class on time
  2. Speak in a confident and authoritative voice
  3. Organize your classes in a logical order (exercises, limbs, categories of techniques)
  4. Combine technique practice in the air, on targets, on each other, against another technique, and in sparring
  5. Specify emphasis on speed, power, accuracy, or repetition
  6. Train the student on at least two techniques every class
  7. Explain, in detail, one technique each class
  8. Limit free practice to 10 minutes per item, per class
  9. Ask for questions before each drill
  10. Use the Private Lesson Plan
  11. Make sure each student performs corrctly
  12. Ask yourself, “Are these students really developing?”
  13. Ask yourself, “Do these students enjoy this class?”
  14. Sloppy students mean sloppy instruction
  15. Practice what you preach


Look for upcoming articles that will explain these rules in greater detail. Thank you for vising my blog!