Teaser: Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months

This is going to be a short one.

This is the first few lines of my chapter on Training Methods. Hope you like it!

Anyone who knows me should be quite familiar with the title of this chapter. Whenever anyone asked me what I was “feeding” my students, or what my secret to success was, or how my school differed from others has heard this as an answer. This is a great source of pride for me, next to my accomplishments and the skill of my students. Although I may boast of the combat effectiveness of my country’s arts, the method of training my students endure is the primary reason they are admired and respected. Training is the bridge between knowledge and ability, and without the proper regimen the two may never meet. Many martial arts experts forget that knowledge without skill is worthless in combat. This explains why many believe in the falsity:  “Always a student”. It is an excuse for mediocre skill, and allows the student/martial artist to never have to test himself by remaining among the novices. This is the logic of “kids” who pursue 6, 7, 8 college degrees; safer to stay in school than actually have to get a job. In my 30 years of training in the art, I have seen a few men transition from “always a student” directly to “I’m too old to fight.” It is a cop-out. If your goal is to produce fighters who are at the top of the food chain, then focus on their training. Rigorous, well-planned training is the key to proficiency and perfection. In the upcoming pages, I will outline the method I employ to developing the dominant fighter.


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