Full-Time Training at Typhoon Philippine School of Martial Arts

I would like to share a new program I am offering at my school, and perhaps you may wish to offer a similar program in your school.

At the Typhoon Philippine School of Martial Arts, I have been planning a full-time, in-residence martial arts program. Just as one who wishes to enter Business, Law or Medicine would go to school full-time to pursue those goals, the martial arts should be no different. This is perhaps the only industry where so-called “experts” study a total of 10 – 100 hours of training to gain certification, but require his students to make commitments into the thousands for their certification! Is the goal of martial arts instructor not worth similar commitment to achieving a college degree? Remember that not only is the study of the martial arts a fulfilling career, it is a life-changing endeavor that can lead to better health, increased self-esteem and one of the best forms of self-protection in ways a gun or knife cannot!

And it’s not for everyone. Some people really aren’t interested in doing what needs to be done to become an expert in this craft. Few want to teach this art to entire student bodies, besides a few guys in their backyards… or to unknown people on the internet. In the martial arts school, you will take men who can barely pee straight and turn them into indominatable supermen. You will take female victims of domestic violence and turn them into strong women who will never be bullied by their men again. You will take kids who were once the object of teasing and aggressive children, and pull them out of their shell–even turn them into meat-eating athletes. You can’t do this while studying two hours a week.

So, for those who are serious about learning and excelling in the art–as it was meant to be studied, not through a superficial introductory course–we are pleased to introduce perhaps the first full-time, residence FMA program in the U.S.  You have the a mixture of 1/2 day training (4 hours) weekdays and full-day training (8 hours) on Saturdays, 10-months per year. I have not done this before, so I am estimating about 2 years of training to achieve instructorship if you study without a break–other than the two months we are off (December and July). This is for serious students only, ages 18 and up. I prefer that you came with a prior background in the martial arts, but it is not mandatory. Our tuition is $3,990 per year or $499/month, and will include all necessary training equipment. With this program you will be able to work and train, even if you only work part time. You are responsible for your own housing and food.

We will be starting this program in April 2010.

Training will be more rigorous than anything you ever experienced, but your skill will surpass anything you ever thought you would achieve as well. We have a four-part philosophy:

  1. Skill development
  2. Fighting experience and knowledge
  3. Teaching philosophy and technique
  4. Business model

This is all I am willing to put here on the blog, please contact us if you’d like more information, by filling out the contact/comment form on the main page (I’m not posting the info here because of spammers). Thank you for visiting our blog!

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

14 thoughts on “Full-Time Training at Typhoon Philippine School of Martial Arts”

  1. I see that this site is from 2010?
    If it is stil valid[now July 2013] i request/seek relevant information on the course,please.

    Thanks and regards.
    Garrith-South Africa.

  2. Greetings Sifu..I wish to enquire if you have re-started your full-time FMA course?Please keep me on your list of potential contacts for this specific option.
    When last we had communicated,you were planning to re-start in your summer?

  3. Hi Sifu.
    Im just following up…any chance that you may be willing to take a youngin who can barely pee stright and make me into a FMA instructor [Not being cheecky,just calling it what it is…The Truth hurts but it will set us free].

    I have sought far and wide and i havent found any willing to mentor me through a full time course.

    I would appreciate a response even if you are not able to accommodate.

    Garrith-South Africa.

    1. Hello garrith sorry it took so long I gets lots of email and messages. I am still teaching, not full time now but will be soon. We can work something out to have you train full time. Email me at thekuntawman at yahoo and we can discuss how to make it happen thanks!

    1. No sir, I don’t. But I am opening a facility in the Philippines next year, the land already been purchased. We probably will get students from all over. I’ll make announcements here on the blog. Are you subscribed? Thank you!

      1. Thank you.

        Yes, I am subscribed. But I think the Phillipines is a bit out of my reach financially.

        Although as a Muslim, I would love to go and train the Moro if I had the chance.

      2. Please send me the details when you do start your school in the Phillipines, just in case my situation changes then. I’ve sent you an emal.

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