Methods of Attacks: Attack in 3s

A very simple and basic principle in fighting is to attack in threes. Just by adding this strategy to your training regimen, you will see  your fighting success improve within a month.

Let me prep this subject first. A prevalent flaw in stand-up fighting–regardless of style–is the lack of trained combinations. While most fighters do train with combinations, few fighters actually use them when fighting. My belief is that in training, not enough emphasis is placed on having core hand combinations. The result is a reliance on what comes natural while sparring, rather than falling back on what is done in training deliberately. When martial arts students are not trained by a system of preplanned techniques–with ample time to develop and absorb them–they will not use them naturally. Fighters, then, are either throwing single punches, kicks and strikes, or they are flailing their attacks without a plan. On the other hand, most training in defense is focused on single attacks. There is little need to train against good combinations because defense against single attacks provides ample protection. So when the attackers are using a single attack and the opponent responds with the appropriate answer, little progress is made, and few fighters will dominate their peers.

And so we find our way to the strategy of attacking in threes.

You should have an average of 5 to 10 combinations of techniques consisting of at least three techniques, with the footwork to get the techniques to land on your opponent. This will include punches, kicks and/or strikes (for stick fighting). At a minimum, you should train your probing attacks in 3s (such as jabs or flicks with the sticks). These strikes should be utilized in almost all attempts to attack the opponent. Most likely, your opponent will not have a good defense against all three strikes, especially if you do not repeat yourself twice in a row. Once you have identified your techniques, you should train with them in every training session, as they need to be as naturally executed as breathing. The attack in 3s can follow another attack or series of attacks, or they can precede such attacks.

The practice of attacking in threes will ensure that your opponent will be busy while fighting you, and will not have many opportunities to return fire, nor will he have time to plan an attack of his own (or counter attack). If you are working with this strategy regularly, you will be prepared to execute the attacks, while your opponent will not be prepared to defend against it.

A simple fighting strategy like this will make a world of difference in your performance, regardless of what style you practice.

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Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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