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Fight Club in Memphis, TN

Anybody interested in a throwdown in Tennessee?

My cousin, who is from Washington, DC., trained in Wing Chun, Kenpo, Boxing and 52 Hands (the REAL 52, available only in East Coast prisons… not the fake-me-out stuff), is organizing a fight club in Memphis. Kevin, aka “China”, was a well-known martial arts figure in the DC-area underground during the 70s and 80s. When I moved to Washington, he was the guy who showed me the ropes and kept me out of trouble. When I had gotten into my first big fight with a neighborhood drug dealer, Kevin squashed the beef we had in person, with only a pistol in his pants and me in tote, by approaching a group of them on the block and asking them to drop our problem. He was known just as much for his fist fights–real fist fights–as he was for his “extra-curricular” activities. Either way, he is my family and I can vouch for him as a man and as a fighting expert.

When it comes to martial artists telling stories about fighting on the street, Kev and the crew lived it, darn near daily.

His insight and experience in using traditional martial arts against groups of guys, and just plain old whipping behinds, is priceless. The last time I saw him, right after he returned from parole in the late 90s, we sparred on 34th and Benning Rd (like idiots, LOL) and although I had been actively fighting on several circuits, Kevin gave me hell.

In the early 90s, I invited him to work out with some friends from the tournament circuit at the Landover Mall Kim’s Karate (I’m putting the locations here, because the memories were strong and very dear to me) and he schooled some very good fighters while wearing street clothes. Right before moving to Tennessee with his beautiful wife and family, Kevin was a well-known bouncer at a club in Adams Morgan, NW, and was frequently called on to sort out African American and Latino combatants.

I told you all this to let you know that Kev brings a wealth of knowledge and skill, and if you can make it–whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner–this cat can definitely help you improve your sparring. Kevin is the guy who led me to my first boxing lesson at Jefferson Junior High, under Ham Johnson. He was also the guy I ran to when I was about to get jumped in Greenway, as when I was held up near Dupont Park, as when a young lady in our neighborhood was molested. Each time I did this, he always handled business, armed or unarmed. At the same time, when I was a young Black Belt, Kevin introduced me to some veteran fighters from the 70s under the banners of Simba Dojang and the Black Karate Circuit. He kept me away from the drug trade as a young man, and kept the recruiters away from me. We were the only Asians in our neighborhood, and he always commanded respect. 

I am pleased to announce that he will be leading sparring sessions, just like we had done back in the 80s, and bring together martial artists from various backgrounds to compare and test, and see where you stand. The only thing he asks is that participants keep the respect and let what happens at the workouts stay at the workouts. For those interested in training with him, prior to each session he will hold a workout (optional). The fee for this class is $25, and I can assure you, it’s well worth the money. Out of all the guys I learned from, Kevin is the one guy I have seen fight on many occasions and probably sparred the most in my younger days. Not in the ring (well, that too), but on the street. You won’t regret it.

Email me at the kuntawman at yahoo, and I will give you his information.

We have some groups going up in Albequrque, Dallas, Raleigh, Houston and Seattle. Keep checking back with me, and I’ll keep you posted. By the way, this is not just for FMA people, as most of those leading the groups are not FMA people but martial arts fighters nonetheless.

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