How to Link Blade Fighting with Stick, with Empty Hands, Blah, Blah, Blah…

This is just one fallacy in the Filipino arts that doesn’t seem like it will ever go away.

Have you ever seen one of those “Streetfighting Tai Chi” guys demonstrating how the exercise of Tai Chi can also be a deadly combat art? I have, and what I see are guys who kinda can fight force-fitting their applications to their Tai Chi into “combat situations”. And–no joke–I even saw a guy demonstrate a “hidden” arm bar submission ON THE GROUND, that some master buried in his art several hundred years ago! Yeah, right.

The truth is, you can probably find a “practical application” in a disco dance, if you look hard enough. You know, all those shuffles are really hidden leg attacks, and the finger-snapping they do is symbolizing bone breaks. Martial artists have this technique called “Oh-we-have-that-too” and the connections are hilarious.

So, who came up with this idea that everything in the FMAs are connected anyway?


Okay, we won’t answer that. I’m tired of not answering nasty email accounts from jerks too cowardly to email me threats from their OWN email accounts, let alone use their real name:

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I’m sorry to bore you with stuff like that. I just find it really, really funny. Just thought I’d add a little humor to the mix. Back to the subject at hand…     

So, we martial artists can find places where all this stuff is connected by digging and digging and digging for new ways, or we can take the skills we already know within our arts and make them better. It seems that these days, martial artists spend all their time trying to find connections. We can replace our strikes with a cut, replace this hand block with a slap to the throat, and this step with a foot stomp to break his foot at the instep. Then I can put in this elbow destruction from Muay Thai, and then and arm crank, and bite his nose off…. LOL     

I know I pulled a little bait-and-switch with the title of this article, but I just wanted to appeal to your desire to find Filipino Secrets that will help you win fights in ways you can’t find on Youtube or DVD. And to be honest, I can teach it to you. But you have to study from me; I’m not going to put it here on the blog. What I will do is give you strategies and basic techniques to get you on your way. All that “stick is a knife is a machete is a whip” crap is just that–crap. Sorry! Like I said, you can find similarities, but your time is better spent developing fighting skills for exactly that… Fighting. Not demoing neat ways to connect the systems. Not demonstrating how your fist is basically a knife (cause it’s not). Just plain old kicking somebody in the pants so bad, they scream everytime they see a Filipino flag.  

And that–not good grades, or connecting the systems, or killing people with your bare hands–is what the Filipino martial arts is all about… studying and developing the most efficient ways to hurt a man or stop him from hurting you.  

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