thekuntawman Is An @55Hole!

Yeah, I admit it… sometimes I can be one.

But don’t you believe for a second that I’m an “internet warrior” who hides behind keyboards and will turn into a pussycat when you meet me in person. Everything I say here I would say to your face, so I guess that makes me an @55hole. But what would you have, a person who gives you their opinion? Or a liar?

Guys, you are supposed to be warriors. If your feelings get hurt so much that a man has to bite his tongue to spare you some hurt feelings or dignity, maybe you need to take up another hobby, like toenail painting or something. Hell, you already wear scarves and sarongs…

By the way, MORO Warriors… the wearing of silk by men is a big nono. No true bladed style goes blade to blade, even in drills. And safe sparring is how the real Masters developed and compared notes. Any Filipino master who tells you he was killing other masters when propogating his fighting style is pullling your leg.

No, wait… no sugar-coating…. He was lying to you.

Here’s another one:  Every Filipino fighter you meet–whether you are American, Fil-Am, or another Filipino–is looking you up and down, and he thinks he can kick your ass.

Get over it.

So, I’ve got one more. About 99% of the time, people who are jerks to me online are nice and respectful in person. Funny how that works out.

So, FMA people who claim to fight “for keeps” on the street, break limbs and gouge eyes, and kick butts and take names, but they won’t engage in a light contact (or full-contact) match with us sissies is full of it too. Assholes.

Here’s the thing about the martial arts, especially Filipino martial arts.  We all think we have a better way of combat. Not our own way, but a better way. This is what we all should be striving for, not to kiss and hold hands on facebook and take pictures for each other’s websites and promote each other to another degree Black Belt in seminars. No, we should be developing our styles and skills and getting together to see if those ideas we came up with are valid. Fighting is all about seeing if our method of fighting will stand up to the next guys. We should certainly be doing it. Is it such a crime to say it?

Of course not. Unless, of course, your thing is not fighting at all. Let’s call a spade a spade. Most of you are not really training for fighting! Most of you are rehearsing drills and choreographed fight scenes and fraternizing with buddies and classmates in the name of comraderie and brotherhood. You pat each other on the back pretending to be buddies, and exchange war stories about that time some jerk hit you on the hand in sinawali practice or invaded your websites by questioning the validity of your style out loud. Come on, ladies!

And no, not every disagreement has to end in “shut-up-or-come-down-and-I’ll-kick-your ass”. This is what children do. Want to kick somebody’s ass? Don’t invite them to your house to play, you show up at their doorstep. At least that’s how it’s done in the Filipino arts.

Oh, I forgot, I’m not a Master of the art. Fine. Then prove it.

Anyway, martial artists have to develop thick skin. We need this to learn how to Master ourselves, as many a so-called great man has been undone by his emotions. Mike Tyson was undone by Evander Holyfield in both fights. It wasn’t a great skill difference between them, and ole Mike could have pulled out at least a good chance by sticking to what he’s been training to do since the age of 12. But when he failed to control his anger, it screwed him. He lost his ability to move when he wanted to, he couldn’t think, and ultimately lost the fight because of his lack of composure.

Martial artists have to welcome conflict and learn to face it head-on. If some guy can get a rise out of you with words, how will you react when he jumps out of the shadows and knocks you over the head with a stick? He won’t announce himself, I can assure you. We practice defending ourselves by defending our way. We learn to develop the physical by mastering the emotional and psychological battle. A guy who says, “I don’t think your art works” should be met with either a counter argument, or an offer to test that theory. Not by a bunch of guys bragging about who’s ass you kicked when you were in high school. Unless somebody says, “you suck” or starts name calling, you are just letting someone’s counter opinion to what you do get under your skin and you’re supposed to be tougher than that.

Everytime you engage in combat, my friends, your opponent is trying to prove that he is a better fighter than you are. Get used to it. But the less you get in front of opponents, the easier it will be to unnerve you with words. That’s why it is said that a fighter cannot surpass the toughness of his emotions and his skin. Learn to debate without emotion and ill feelings. At least this way, you look like you can fight.

Thanks for visiting my blog.