Coming Soon: Filipino Fighting Secrets Live on Hardcopy!

This blog was never intended to be a business venture. My students and I only wanted to generate interest in my school, and obviously I lacked the education and the computer skills to use the internet properly. So we started with pages from notebooks I wrote in (I’ve been trying to write books for nearly 20 years, but writing is not something I am particularly good at), posts from the martial arts forums, and emails I had stored in my email accounts, and we ended up with this blog.

I thought I only had two books in the works, but I am being convinced that my scribblings can produce as many as 6 books on the martial arts, and three books on martial arts business. We’ve got them all lined up, but everyone has full time jobs and can only work on this stuff during spare time. The way we do it is that I write the article, and someone else goes behind me and changes it to make me sound intelligent. Sometimes I am happy with the final product, sometimes I am not. It’s sort of like how my wife came in my school two days ago and got rid of 90% of my stuff, moved some furniture around, threw out the couch I took out of a dumpster (hey! it was a perfectly good couch!) in 2002, and extended my classroom by about 300 – 400 square feet! I was hurt, but everyone says it looks good and it’s better for business. Sort of how my landlord took down my boarded-up windows and my mural, and installed class to make me look like a commercial business. We’ve had a ton of visitors, so I’m making a little more money now, although it’s not how I intended for it to be.

Which leads me to this new book we’re working on… we are compiling the articles on the blog into three new books, each bearing the name of a Category on this blog:

  1. Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Martial Arts Philosophy
  2. Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Teaching Philosophy
  3. Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Fighting Techniques and Strategy

I am not going to compile “Observations and Insights” yet. My plan is to wait until it gets up to about 100 articles and then release it.  We will release these books each year, containing the articles from the previous year. Of course, the articles are the same thing you see here on the blog. You may just want to save the money and read them here on FFSL, or you could support the blog by purchasing the books on hardcopy or email. But I have a bonus for each book! Each book will contain a bonus section of work that I am writing just for those who purchase the books. Familiar themes will be repeated, as always. But there is always something new in everything I write. Stay tuned for follow-up postings on the progress we are making with the books, I am tempted to add a special gift for the first 50 books sold!  No promises right now, but I am working on purchasing about 50 hard-to-find weapons to be included in the first few orders….

By the way, in case you wonder why I am doing this. As you know, I am a traditional teacher. That means that I don’t have hundreds of students, I have no Tiny Tigers class, no Afterschool Karate, no Tae Bo. So rather than go the commercial way, I teach my traditional classes much in the same way I have for the last 20 years. When this is the case, we teachers must find alternative ways to make our living. Sometimes, I throw a tournament. Sometimes I will travel to a new city and guest teach someone else’s students. Sometimes I will buy stuff from the Philippines and sell them for more money here in the U.S.  I have discovered now that there are many FMAers who have not learned many of the things I teach my students, and I am willing to share them. So–as all teachers should–I charge a tuition. This blog is free, and rather than ask for donations (as they do on some other blogs I have been shown) I am offering a product I think people will find value in.

The books will be offered cheaper here on this blog than in the advertisements I am planning to place. Be one of the first 50 to buy them here and you will get them even cheaper!

Here’s the damage:

One book:  $25/copy

All three books:  $60

Unfortunately, I must charge shipping and handling, so add $2 for one book and $5 for all three. I will send a confirmation email when payment is received. The books will be ready by May 1, but you can get a jump on the first 50 by ordering now from the “Offerings” page. Remember, the mystery gift is not yet confirmed, but there will definitely be one!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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