Five Fatal Techniques for Dominance

I want to offer something really short, and perhaps I will expound on them–or perhaps I will not. But if you incorporate them, I guarantee that any fight you ever engage in will result in your opponent going to the hospital–or worse.

  1. Attack the Jaw–no amount of weight-lifting can protect the jaw. To hell with what the toughest fighter will tell you about neck bridges or the advertisers will tell you about their nifty new mouthpieces. Become an expert at landing a good shot on the jaw, at the correct angle, and your opponent will always walk away with a broken one. And trust me, you cannot focus with a broken jaw. It is the first indication that unless you do something drastic, you are on your way to a street-level ass-whipping.
  2. Attack the neck and throat–ditto trying to protect it. There is no way to protect it 100% of the time, especially when you are bent on trying to attack your opponent as well. Anytime you move to hit, kick, or grab your opponent, your neck and/or throat will be exposed. A good shot to the side of the neck hurts like nothing else, and although there is a delay, I have knocked people out with a hit to the side of the neck.
  3. Where possible, break the opponent’s fingers. I have used this technique myself in the last altercation I was in. He grabbed me and I took him down in a hold. Each time I tried to let him up he tried to fight again, so I broke his fingers. Not only did he scream like I shot him, but there was no fight left in him and even his friends who attacked me were spooked by it. I could have broken his fingers less than 5 seconds after he put his hands on me because this is a regular technique I practice for my own fighting style (more on this art later) and for me it is second nature.
  4. Gouge the eyes–sure, everyone’s got it. But not many people use this as a go-to technique for combat. When I practice, it is a regular knee-jerk reaction because it is a vital part of my fighting art. If I ever ended up in a fight where I felt like killing you, I would start with this and hopfully it will keep you alive. But there is a mental barrier to doing so, and you have to prepare yourself to do it well in advance. A man probably won’t die from it, but this type of injury is like death. If I use a pencil to do it, I guarantee I will kill you. It is a part of every self-defense course I teach, but it is not something I emphasize to casual students, as this is not much different to teaching use of a handgun in a child safety program. It is dangerous, but if you are faced with you or him, start with this one. Btw, your middle finger is long enough to reach his brain via the eye socket. So a pencil? Hmm…
  5. Finally, I am going to reserve this one for whomever comes to study with me in person and cites this article. Like I said, information must be earned, and sometimes, purchased. But this is one of those things that 99.9% of people won’t reach for, and if they don’t want it that bad, I simply won’t share. Hope you understand, I do this for a living, and I have three little ones to feed.

None of these techniques are new or profound, but they are not really emphasized in most arts. To employ the fatal characteristics of an art does not require a new video or a one-time-only seminar, just a focus to the right mentality for your martial arts. Hope I have shared something valuable with you.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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