Moe Lama, Karate Master

I would like to share a clip with you, and introduce you to a gentleman that I admire. His name is Master Moe Lama, and he is a Kenpo Karate teacher from the Bay area.

If you watch the clip, you will see a very cagey fighter. He is slick, difficult to hit, difficul to get away from, and does many difficult things like hit you while he’s falling, or hitting you while YOU’RE falling. He is very mobile despite being a little rotund. He gets tired in a 3 minute match, cannot kick as high but can land when he wants and is not very quick as the other fighters, but what is so unique about him is that he is an older man. How many of us will still be able to get up and fight men 20 years younger and beat them, when we are past age 50, even past age 60? Master Lama has many fans, not because he wins all the time, because he doesn’t–but because he still gets out there and fights when most people can no longer do it.

But I tell you this–even when Master Lama loses, it is to a man younger than me, he most likely gave that fighter pure hell, and he looks damned good doing it.

I hope he will inspire many of you to keep your skills going until you get to this age. Enjoy!

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Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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