Thoughts on Gun Control

I once heard a saying, that if you outlaw guns then only the outlaws will own guns. How true.

It may surprise some of you, but I am politically a Republican. I am disgusted with the State of California being a welfare state. I don’t believe marijuana should be legal (alcohol neither, but that’s another topic). I believe that we should put controls on our borders. I believe in the death penalty. I call abortion murder. And I believe that outlawing guns will be a horrible mistake.

As a martial arts teacher, I recognize the need for a country to arm its citizens. A man with no form of self-defense will always be a victim. Peace and War are two different things; you cannot have peace without a form of warfare. It is the reason that the Palestinian has the problems he faces with the Israeli–he has no organized military, which is how he lost his home in the first place. The Native American, the native Australian, the African, the Irish, the Pacific Islander, and the list goes on. They were oppressed people–despite being peaceful people, and when war came to their doorstep, they had no way to stop them. Disorganized peace and love will always lose to organized war and hate.

The citizen who fails to prepare for war, is preparing to become victimized. You must know how to hurt someone else, have the tools to do it, and the mental ability to carry out the mission. The benefit of a firearm is that you can defend yourself without a lot of training; which is also the drawback from martial arts training. The saying, knowing enough to get yourself hurt is more appropriate for martial arts, than it is for handgun use. Give me two days and enough rounds, and I will have anyone shooting with proficiency. For the martial arts, one needs to dedicate hundreds of hours of practice just to have basic skill, and possibly thousands before having deadly potential. For the average citizen, the handgun is the perfect self-defense tool. He is not concerned about fighting style. He doesn’t need submissions and holds. If the average citizen is defending himself, it isn’t against a liquored-up combatant in a bar–it’s against a mugger, a robber, or a rapist. And if a man is arming himself with the intention to steal from another man or hurt him, he deserved a bullet in his ass.

Martial arts, on the other hand, is for the guy who believes he has a likelihood of engaging in mutual combat. Either that, or he has a sincere desire to learn to defeat another man in hand to hand combat with the options of keeping him alive or killing him. When a man studies the martial arts, and arrives to an advanced level of skill, I expect him to be able to choose the proper level of force to stop his opponent. I do not have this expectation of a woman facing a rapist in a laundromat… if she kills her attacker–well, he made his bed.  The handgun is the ultimate self-defense, self-preservation tool. It is the community’s equalizer, and the more people that have one, the fewer bad guys who will get away with committing crimes.

And in case you were wondering, those boys who were shot by Bernard Goetz deserved it. That’s what you get for fucking with people you don’t know. It’s an age-old tidbit of wisdom:  don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash. You never know who has the sharper blade, so it is a good idea never to unsheathe it until you need it. The Jared Loughners of the world need for handguns to be popular; had more people been armed, he would have probably thought twice about doing what he did. That incident alone proves that you do need a firearm to go to the grocery store.

And for those who believe more handguns will result in more crime; phooey. Make potential gun owners go through the same paces as a teenager trying to get a driver’s license:  make him take a class, register, get a background check, take his picture, and then identify himself every time he makes a purchase. Trust me, the guys robbing and committing drive-bys aren’t going through all of that. You mean I have to register every bullet I buy to MY name? His homeboys won’t be able to get his ammunition either. But let the first few would-be muggers leave the scene in an ambulance, the bad guys will get the message…

Story time. I have two students who are armed security guards. They arrived at a client’s place (they both work the night shift at the same company) and encountered four men preparing to fight or shoot one man. One of my students told the guy with his weapon out to leave because he was threatening to shoot the lone man. When he refused, my student sprayed him with pepper spray and then the other three drew weapons. Both of my students responded and engaged them. Only one of my students, SL, was hit–in the hip–but the other, BS, was untouched–miraculously. All four men were hit and ended up in the hospital. Unfortunately, the man they were defending was killed, but his killers didn’t get away. And also, unfortunately none of the four were killed. Because they were outnumbered the outcome could have been worse, but they had extensive training and the four thugs were simply assholes with guns. (To be honest they were lucky) My point is that the playing field was level because of the weapons and the training, and the victim had a better chance of survival because someone else was armed. Imagine if my students were in the grocery store with the Congresswoman when Loughner walked in…

Disarm a community and I guarantee you that you will see the crime rate increase. Give them a means to protect themselves and the outlaws will have to find other ways to do their dirt.

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