What Happened to the Tough FMA Guy?

(AKA, “FMA Guys Are Pussies”)

(AKA, “Why FMA Guys Should Spend More Time in the Ring, and Less Time on the Internet”)

(AKA, “Grow a Pair of Nuts, You Pansies!”)

FMA guys embarrass me. Lord… we practice literally the deadliest art on the planet, and if you do it right–nobody can hang with you. Give me two guys, trained with the same level of intensity and the same amount of time, and both from excellent Masters representative of any two systems in the world–and my money is on the FMA guy every damned time.

So, why are you so hard on FMA people, Mustafa?

Because, you have the emotional fragility of a freaking female pop star on her period. Everything offends you. You have spent so much time with concept and shit-talking on the internet, when you get pissed off at another martial artist, you challenge him to “post a youtube clip of yourself doing martial arts, so we can see what you’re made of” instead of hunting him down and whipping his ass like you claim your grandmaster would have done 50 years ago. And please, spare me the bs about you don’t want to go to jail, or I’m too far away from you, or martial arts is about more than fighting, or you don’t have anything to prove.

Post a fucking youtube clip so you can see what I’m made of? You’re kidding right?

I don’t know much about FMAs?

I’m a nobody because you never heard of me?

Let me tell you something, kids. When you were in diapers making your GI Joes hump on your sister’s Barbie doll, I was swinging sticks and blades. When you were a horny twenty something trying to date some pretty Filipina, and not aware that your FMA can get you closer to our women yet, I was swinging sticks and blades. When you were in your Tae Kwon Do schools practicing pretty kicks and sweating to the oldies in your pajamas–before you saw the Hunted or read a Dan Inosanto article about the FMAs–I was swinging sticks and blades. When you were still rocking Japanese character tatoos, Hondas, and singing bad karaoke, entering “Poging Pinoy” beauty pagents with a full can of mousse in your hair, I was swinging sticks and blades. I have fought more people and probably studied with more masters than most of you own FMA videos. Don’t challenge me. I am the type that will fly to your hometown and call you out. The great thing about the internet is that anyone can be found. I have never hidden my identity, my address to my school, or turned down a request to meet me in person. I also will not argue with a guy who cannot hold my jock strap–especially if you’re not significant enough for me to find out where you are, so I can kick your ass.

And be careful what you ask for; because I know you will most likely be very friendly when I show up at your door. I’ve met guys like you, and sadly, I’ve never feuded with an FMA guy who wasn’t like you. And just as sad–almost all of the tough martial artists I have had the pleasure of disagreeing with are NOT FMA people. In fact, the only FMA guy I have ever disagreed with who has shown up at my door and sparred with me is a man that many of you disrespect, and his name is Greg Alland.

So, if you want to know why you never heard of me, it’s because I don’t write articles, produce DVDs, or post youtube clips. I am not an FMA showman or politician. I have been teaching in my own school since 1993.  My martial arts is not for display so people can nut-hug me or spy on what I do to “see what I’m made of”, nor do I tap dance, doing demos for people. There is one way to see what I’m made of, and for some reason it is only people who box or do Karate/TKD/Kung Fu are willing to find out “what I’m made of” my way. But you’d rather send me cowardly emails and look to see why I’m not on youtube.

In case you were wondering, the reason FMA people are all up in arms is because I spoke my opinion in this article and it might have hurt some people’s feelings. The point of the article is that people are practicing techniques that I have proven in my experience to not work, and that very few people are even willing to put their arts to the test. Don’t shoot the messenger just because you don’t like the message. I suggest one thing:  put your art to the test against non-FMA people. You think I’m wrong? Don’t prove it to me, prove it to yourself. But again, I get all the bullshit reasons why you can’t put FMA empty hand in a sparring match, like “because it’s too limiting”. So let’s recap, you spar without rules in your dojos, right? You will fight with full limb destructions in a dangerous way, but you won’t do it in a safe way in a match? Please.

The truth is, 99% of you are NOT sparring strangers with your FMA empty hand. That’s why you get mad, because you know I’m right. So you spar classmates lightly, but you won’t spar strangers lightly. You claim to have used FMA empty hand in real life combat, but you won’t do it in a simulated environment? How do you spar in your classes? With just as much power and intent as a streetfight? How old did you say you were again?

This is a blog. Read my articles–or not–and get pissed off the same way you get pissed off when you read the newspaper. If you are so pissed off that you want to prove me wrong, then show up at my doorstep and prove me wrong. Don’t email me like a 12 year old with delusions of grandeur. That non-confrontational stuff is for pussies.

And if your feelings are so easily hurt, you might want to look deep into yourself and ask why that is. I have been getting insulted by martial artists way below my skill and knowledge level for years, and when I can’t take it anymore–I take a road trip. But I rarely get that hot because I wear my toughness on the inside. This is the internet, ladies, not the real world. Trust me, when someone attempts to do it in person, I use the scariest words a martial artists hates to hear, which ends all arguments:

Step on the floor and show me what you mean.

That–ladies–is how the Filipino martial artist does business. And you call yourself a true FMA guy. You know what? The real masters of Arnis and Eskrima do not brag about what their masters did. They brag about what THEY did. You, my friends, don’t have your own experiences–and so you want to question mine. I live and breathe this arts, for almost all my life. You watch the shit on youtube and do dances around gay ass triangles like a tinikling dancer, and call yourself a warrior. I and my people fight. When you have balls big enough to show up at my doorstep, I will consider your opinions. Other than that, sit back and pay attention–you might learn something.

Thank you for visiting my blog. And please, spread the word!


Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

4 thoughts on “What Happened to the Tough FMA Guy?”

  1. wow kuya sounds like somebody pissed you off. the great thing about the internet is anonymity. the bad thing is that people forget that as you say, anyone can be found! i remember people coming to the silver spring school to spar with you back in the 90s and they came from all over and now that i think of it, none of them were from the filipino arts lol! i even remember the guy from baltimore who beat you in the tournament, you were so pissed of when he came down for your “rematch” you kicked his ass all over the school! i am proud to be part of this and will always consider myself a “gatdula fighting cobra” for life! mabuhay!

  2. I always figured that the reason why not many FMA people spar against other martial arts is because no other martial arts want to spar with FMA people. What fighting system like muay thai, boxing, bjj, and judo would love the idea of have somebody coming at them with a knife or sword?

    1. i did a monthly fight night for many years, and you would be surprised, 100% of the people who came were non-FMA. we did empty hand, stick and knife. a few times we even did a “safe” exchange of how they would fight against arnis, since we couldnt use it in the pure form through sparring. it was a polite way to demonstrate the superiority of Arnis vs other styles lol

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