“Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts
Words from a Modern-Day Warrior

Buy Soft Copies of thekuntawman’s Books for a HUGE Discount!!!

Alright folks, you enjoy the blog right?

Well, for a limited time, you can purchase my books as a PDF file at an affordable price!

You may have already heard about these two:

  • Make a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center Dojo
  • Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months

Well, here are two more!

Eight Tips to Boosting Your School’s Income

In this book, I share 8 simple steps (note: I say that they are simple, I did not say they were easy…) to making more money out of your school. You update your knowledge base by purchasing books, attending workshops, classes and seminars–why haven’t you pursued any education to help your school become more profitable?

If you are planning to open a school, then why wait? Get this book now, and have your plan in place when you’re ready to hang your shingle!

Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Philosophy of the Martial Arts

This book is a collection of articles from this blog and a few essays I wrote addressing my ideas about the philosophy of the martial arts. Many of you have said that you agree with much of what I say. While it may seem that we are a tiny minority in this difference, there are actually many, many more like you and me. Here is one place that you will be able to go and read thousands of words about this unique approach to the martial arts.

Face it, these seminars that make up the bulk of the learning in the FMA community do not dig deep into the traditions and mindset of the FMA man. They are mostly technical classes on how to strike with a stick, slash and stab with a blade, and take a weapon away. This book deals with how you interact with the martial arts community, how you live as a modern-day warrior, and how this art affects you as a practitioner and community trainer of warriors. This book will talk about things your Guro does not have time to talk about in his classes.

Philosophy is the first in the series “Filipino Fighting Secrets Live on Hardcopy”. Don’t wait until the price increases to get your copy–you won’t regret it!

“So, how much is it?”  You may be wondering…


Soft copies of “Backyard Dojo” and “Eight Tips” are $7.

Soft copies of “Dominant Fighter” and “Philosophy” are $15.

If you check out the Offerings page, you will see that my books are considerably more. But if you purchase them now, you will get them before the prices double!

More books coming soon, we are editing as we speak!


3 Responses to “Buy Soft Copies of thekuntawman’s Books for a HUGE Discount!!!”

  1. Hello, do you deliver books also to Europe? I would like to order: How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months- book.
    Please send information to my email how I could get it.

  2. we are on amazon europe now

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