If Warriors Complained…

What if warriors complained?

Samurai:  “Shogun, why must I ride on horseback? My butt hurts! And it’s cold out here! Why can’t we wear a scarf like the Ninja? This armor is heavy!”

Shaolin: “Abbot, why should we hold horse stance so long? My legs hurt! Here is an advertisement for the new Billy Blanks/Insane workout, it says we can get crazy strong in just 11 minutes a day! And can I grow my hair out? The guys keep slapping my bald head!”

Special Forces Soliders:  “Sarge, do we have to run again today? I have athlete’s foot. And should we just focus on negotiating skills instead of all this fighting and stuff? Peace, man! This is the age of reaching across aisles and the Tea Party Movement! Why all this division?”

Sorta makes these guys sound like you can take em, huh?

Yeah, and we teachers hear this all the time. Horse stance just seems so outdated. I have blisters from last night’s Eskrima class. We need to talk to Leo because he hits too hard. Sparring again? It’s a wonder these folks ever achieve anything with all the reasons why they can’t accomplish their goals.

I had a few students who doubted that I could crank out 100 pushups, and asked to see me do it. Sure, and then when I get done, you guys will have to do 150. My girl’s class asked me to do the splits (yes, I still can!). The school’s too hot. Why do we have concrete floors. Our swords are too heavy. Don’t we have softer punching bags. The GSKA judges don’t like us. I’m teaching too slow. Round kicks for the whole hour seems excessive. And the list goes on.

As martial arts students, you must accept training and do so quietly. Don’t be the type that always wants comfort and peace. You’re warriors, for pete’s sake. If you can’t take a little discomfort, what do you think a streetfight is like?

Martial artists want things to come easy. Why don’t I open a satellite class in North Sacramento because the drive is killing them, yet last night, I had a young lady drive 45 miles to class, and then we had a game of “Pia in the middle”. She got to spar everyone for the duration of class. And she will do it for 3 more classes, and then it will be someone else’s turn…

And this is why I don’t do “free classes to see if I like it”–because if this art is taught correctly, you won’t like it. You’re not supposed to. I have taken a lot of pride in turning out some really dominant fighters and if you’d like to be one of them, the least you can do is not nag me like you were one of my ex-wives. Really, just makes it easier for everyone.

The martial artist is never too tired to train. He works around injuries–after all, we do have 8 limbs… He does not worry about the elements–it will always be too cold or too hot for some people. He fights by whatever rules the event puts out, because this is what we do:  fight. He ignores those little annoying splinters and accidental hits and heavy-handed classmates. He is stoic, and just came to train, so shut up and put the gloves on. If you want to bitch and moan about how hot it was in the dojo, wait till you get home and do it on Facebook LOL.

Bottom line, be the kind of fighters who just love the art and will do whatever it takes to get better and improve and test yourself. No one cares if you find something unpleasant; because back in the day–in some generation before you–practitioners had it 10 times worse than you have it today. And that’s probably why, 50, 100 years later, we see movies made about those guys, and no one will know your name. Suffering quietly in the art breeds excellence and character. This is why the list of champions hides the stories of hundreds of injuries, hardships and sweat and tears. You see, when you endure whatever is required of you, it shows that you appreciate what you you have. Complain and you are showing how ungrateful you are. It is the reason why Heaven (for you believers, regardless of religion you follow) will be full of poor and the meek–not being satisfied is a horrible trait. Complainers and those who use excuses rarely accomplish or achieve anything; they just aren’t made of winner material.

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Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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