How Does Martial Arts Look In the Philippines?

I’m trying not to be a youtube whore–as much as I enjoy watching videos. But I decided to look up some old groups I use to encounter in the Philippines, and enjoyed watching what I found.

Seems, I’ve been here too long. Way back then, when I was actively competing, they just looked like fellow martial artists. But today, here… in the land of the commercialized martial arts that anyone–including your 7 year old and Dr. Laura–can achieve a Black Belt without possessing the knowledge and skills of one, I am actually impressed by what should be a normal level of skill.

I was recently told by a friend I expect too much out of my students. I argued until I was blue in the face, but the argument of my good friend seemed to be that my expectations were unrealistic. I so disagree. We get what we expect, and as teachers, we hold out until those students deliver. It’s that simple. Anything less is selling out.

So here are some videos of various tournaments, groups and organizations. Perhaps at a later time I can tell you a little more about them. Enjoy! This stuff won’t be seen at your local FMA seminar! (Notice that I didn’t include any Eskrima Arnis Kali. I have a good reason for doing so)

Sikaran Tournament:

Silat Practice (cant find any tournament)

Yaw Yan

Okay, not the Philippines (Malaysia), but just to give you an idea what Silat looks like back home….

Enjoy the clips. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

One thought on “How Does Martial Arts Look In the Philippines?”

  1. I’ve noticed that silat in the philippines isn’t that widely practiced in the same christian/animist areas that practice eskrima. It seems that part of the philippines lack an unarmed component compared to their neighbors, or in a sense the rest of the world.

    Do you now any old unarmed FMA’s that are used/created by the christian Filipinos just like kuntaw and silat?

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