Mustafa Gatdulas World Famous BBQ Lamb STEAK

put charcoal in your bbq grill, and when they are ready, put them either in a + shape or a circle, or in two straight lines, side by side. the meat will not go right over the coal.

i like to use lamb steaks cut long, with the bone or without doesnt matter, and the best is the one with the ribs, or you can just do it with ribs.

these are the ingredients. the day before you cook them, cut onion and smash garlic, wash the steaks, and rub these vegetables all over them. when they are in the pan, you should not be able to see the meat, with that much onions and garlic (garlic is rubbedin the meat first, and then onions on top). cover it tight with saran wrap. you might want to rub water along the sides and top of the pan so you get a good seal with the saran wrap.

5- 6 hours before you light that grill, take your meat out (save the onions), use these ingredients in a mixture:

black pepper




crush bayleaf

a little cayene peppers


now mix this up in a small bowl, then rub it all over the meat, and set out the meat wheere flies cannot get to it. we need the spices to get a crust all over it. don’t be cheap, use a lot. when your done, wash your hands two or three times because the cayenne will jack you up if you rub your eyes.

when the charcoal is ready, put your steaks on, but not right over the fire. make sure you cover the top and just let it smoke, it will take a while. a few things:

– you can shake some of the powder mix on the charcoal

– not too hot. lamb cant be rush, or it will be tough. if you do about 30- 45 minutes each side without burning it, your doing good.

– right before you turn over your meat, then add the salt, but not before the meat is done.

-only turn the meat over 2, 3 times in the hour that it cooks, or everything falls off the meat.

– you can also do a little brown sugar when you add the sal. but put the sugar on the top side so it will absorb into the meat.

– or you can do bbq sauce, but then you can’t call it “mustafa gatdula’s world famous anything. i keeps it real, bros. you dont need it. if I would do it, i would add it maybe 25 minutes in, and then when its almost done, put the steaks WITH the sauce on it, right over the fire for 5 or 10 minutes to make the sauce really crispy. but thats just me.

– if you are a real man, use charcoal. if your metro, use easy light. weenies, use the propane. 😉

– if your a real, BIG man, then done use charcoal, use wood. good luck if you use green wood or the wrong kind. it might make your food taste like tarzan made it. cedar is good, but its expensive.

if you want to impress your friends, do this instead of beef or chicken. everybody does that, and lamb is really good if you do it right.

thanks for visiting my blog.



Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

3 thoughts on “Mustafa Gatdulas World Famous BBQ Lamb STEAK”

  1. Wait a sec….. you are actually posting your recipes online now, of course minus a few secret ingredients of course. haha

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