DO Something!

In my new location, I meet potential students all the time. I am next door to a very popular Chinese restaurant in South Sacramento, and since I am there all day most days, passers-by peek in to see what is going on. I’m sure that as a business owner, this happens to you as well.

I want you to listen well; what I am going to share with you will help you increase your enrollment–if you’re a martial arts teacher. I originally wanted to post this under “Martial Arts Philosophy”. But after thinking about who is to benefit from the article itself (and not who the article is about–it’s your job to pass the message on to the right people)–I decided to put it under “Business” instead. My sincere desire for this blog is more than just attracting business to my school. I want to see more FMA schools and traditional martial arts schools to be able to say that they stayed in business for two decades, just like a crummy old cranky Guro like me.

So, listen good.

Every man who enters your school, whether he expresses a true desire to study or not, is a potential student. If he says he wants to study or not, he could potentially use your services. If there was enough of an interest or curiosity that a man walks into a dojo, he has enough interest to need or want the martial arts. Perhaps he once studied the martial arts. Maybe he wanted to study the martial arts and procrastinated until he thought he was too old. He may have once been mugged or robbed. Every man has once experienced the burn of fear when he thought he might be attacked, or the threat of having to defend himself or his family. Most adult males would like to get into shape. All men want to feel that his family will look to him for protection–and very few men really, really feel like they can.

Let’s chew on that for a minute.




Yes, most men don’t feel adequate. So they avoid the bad neighborhoods and shady-looking characters. They move to the suburbs where they feel like their kids won’t get bullied, their wives won’t be accosted or gawked at blatantly. They pick up their children from school because they aren’t sure their children know how to defend themselves. They will pretend that they feel safe. But the truth is, they don’t. And denying that fact makes them ignore the reality that they don’t know how to defend themselves and they are too cowardly to learn how and arm themselves.

Yes, I said it. They are too cowardly to go and study. So they work out, thinking this will help. Much safer to build muscle on your own than go and do any serious training. They watch MMA hoping to pick up a few moves instead of going to a gym and really learn those moves. They walk into martial arts schools looking for lessons for their 4 year old boys, when their real desire is to ask if you accept fat ass middle aged yuppie men.

And here we arrive at my point. When that yuppie male is broken down on the side of the street waiting on AAA, and some trouble maker thugs approach. EVERY man’s wife will turn to him and say the words he fears hearing, because he knows he has no answer for it:

DO something.

That’s right, John–DO something. What’s so sad about this, is that John is just as scared as his wife. He is just as helpless as his wife. And he is just as dependent as his wife is for someone to “DO something”. Except for John, that someone is the police, a pedestrian or good Samaritan, or maybe fate or luck by hoping that this will never happen. John, unlike his wife, has an abstract helper–besides God Himself–he is relying on the right person to be there to protect him and his family because he hasn’t done anything to prepare for that day when his wife will call on him to protect him. If she goes hungry, he is blamed for not bringing home the (turkey) bacon. If she is cold, it’s his fault for not heating the home. When she is unloved, he is to blame for not showing his wife affection. Yet for some reason, most men bury their heads in the sand when it comes to protection. You can’t buy protection with money, and real protection is something that takes blood, sweat and tears to have.

Let me say it again: Most men are afraid to prepare themselves for self-protection and arming themselves to protect loved ones. ALL men really want to prepare themselves. When they walk into your gym, they are secretly hoping that there is an affordable, SAFE, easy, pain-free way to get this protection.

Now you and I both know that “affordable” is up to perception. But safe, easy and pain-free? Feel free to laugh out loud… But regardless of the risks, it is a man’s DUTY to protect his family, and anything that happens to that family if he fails to arm himself will be his fault. Not only will he feel guilty, but his wife and children will no longer look at him as a man–because he cannot provide one of the most basic things a man should be giving his family. The community won’t even accept him as a man. How can he be respected when his family must look elsewhere for protection? It’s a terrible place to be, but for some reason most men are there. So when trouble arrives, he will just be a victim and his family will be victimized.

Unless, of course, he understands how important this skill is and how it is relevant to his role as head of the household. And that’s where you come in.

So, Mr. Visitor–if you go home, and your family are bound and gagged, and there are 3 thugs in your home looking for cash–are you prepared to do something about it? (Don’t let that dude leave your dojo until you two have had that talk) I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

4 thoughts on “DO Something!”

  1. After putting it to a guy like that, how can he not want to study? Thank you sir for a great blog. Best on the internet!

  2. This was absolutely phenomenal. Would it be possible for me to use this, with reference of course, for when speaking with prospective students down the road when I opt to teach?

    Although I am not married, I have been through what you speak when something bad happens, and you are looked to. Even if you think you are humble, it is time to step up. Was an attempted robbery of a 7-11. The crooks were idiots and cowards. I was with my girlfriend at the time when 3 of them burst through the doors of the 7-11, and they looked at her, and she looked at me.

    Luckily, as I said, they were cowards, and they were cowed just by me refusing to look away, and of course was annoyed at what was occurring. It was laughable, because there was literally a police station across the street. They left, taking off their hoods and masks, stating it had all been a joke.

    Yeah, right.

    Your point is the same; whether or not you HAVE to act, you need to have the heart to do so.

    I love your posts, I read a new one everyday, so I apologize if I suddenly seem to be flooding your blog.

    1. thank you for your comments. please, comment as much as you like! I appreciate all the feedback we can have!

      the funny thing about your incident is that there is a very important lesson here. those peoples who attack and intimidate only have power when people fear them. this is why a big strong store clerk have very few people who will attack him verbally (and NONE physical) and the little skinny one gets it all the time. they know who to stay away from.

      thank you!

      1. The lesson you speak of is so true; I have a saying I use a lot, ‘Fear empowers the feared,’ and it is the truth.

        It is funny you mention that; I am 5’4 and weigh less than 120 pounds. I have been mugged twice so far, and I am certain it will occur again. But, hey, I am LUCKY to have had the teachers I’ve had, for good or bad, because I am still here today to type this on a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

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