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thekuntawman Goes On Tour

I am going to bite the bullet on my philosophy and try something different in 2013:  We’re going to take this thekuntawman thing on tour.

From September to December of this year, I will tour the West Coast and a few sites on the East Coast to conduct training and introduce attendees to my philosophy on Martial Arts Training and Fighting. As dates and places are confirmed, I will post them in this Section. Anyone can attend–from the beginner to the instructor–although some events will be focused on one group or another. Tuition is not going to be cheap:  $149 for a four-hour session–which is the price of one month of training with me in my school.

Not only will you get a fresh new approach to the Filipino arts–but those of you who would like to kick my ass, here is a perfect opportunity to hunt me down and prove to me in person that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Matter of fact, screw name-dropping your seminar resume; what better way to build your reputation than by saying that you challenged–and beat Mustafa Gatdula? Regain your style’s notoriety by being the guy who put Mustafa Gatdula in his place… The FILIPINO way!

The only catch is, to do it, you’ll have to attend my class. 😉

So this is a call for folks who want to host a non-mainstream FMA guy to come to your town and teach something that is not found on DVD or video. Leave a comment or email me!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


2 Responses to “thekuntawman Goes On Tour”

  1. Will you make it back out to the Baltimore or Annapolis area? I would really like to attend one of your seminars.

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