FFSL Inner Circle Membership (About That Password…)

I’d like to apologize to our readers for the confusion. You will see that we have added a “Members” category to the blog and they require a password. Allow me to explain.

I have long stated that I did not intend to teach by blog. When writing about the arts, I will sometimes end up talking about my curriculum material and in order to drive a point home we may have to explain terminology or techniques from my classes/curriculum. In addition to that, I have students now all over the place who I rarely see and they occasionally ask me about something I’ve taught and will put it on the blog. Thus, I end up teaching by blog.

Anyway, this blog–which is 7 years old this summer–has brought me many students, some local many not so local… even internationally. Then there are those I don’t actually teach classes to, but mentor by blog and email–and lately, by private YouTube video. Ain’t that a bitch. 🙂 lol

They acknowledge me as a teacher because ultimately, I have become their teacher; as teachers of teachers are often more mentor that curriculum instructors. I view this blog and my readers as a form of students. We have barely been doing this a decade, and already I’ve had schools named after me and/or something in my system & organization. I am an advisor to others, I have been asked to sign certificates as witnesses, even sit on boards and test students–all to people I’ve met and taught through this blog.

So I acknowledge that while one cannot fully learn a martial arts style through correspondence, martial arts development can be guided and some skills and strategies can be taught this way. It’s 2016, not 1976. Times have changed, I get that. With the change of times, so has my outlook on modern methods of transmitting the art.

This fall, the Filipino Fighting Secrets Live Blog will introduce our Inner Circle Membership, where I will teach limited pieces of my curriculum, (ugh, here it goes…) by blog. We will have a combination of articles and videos uploaded to those who subscribe. This will be real training videos and fighting techniques from my Kuntaw and Eskrima curriculum, and over at our sister blog, the DC Jow Ga Federation, we are offering the same with my Kung Fu curriculum–including a private group on Facebook. This membership will come with some other offerings–TBA–as well as an invitation to train with me in the Philippines, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

I didn’t intend for the members-only articles to show up on the list of posts, but I don’t know enough about this computer to make it go away. We’ll just treat them as teasers, but stay tuned. By late October or early November we will open for membership. And there will certainly be a special, dirt-cheap rate offered to charter members! (Think Filipino prices!)

Thank you to everyone who regularly supports this blog. Thank you for the shares, the arguments you engage in to defend my articles (I see plenty on social media, I just don’t have the energy to engage anymore), thank you for buying my books, and thank you for the donations. There are already over 500 articles on the blog, and there is a lot more information we have to share. Now that there will be an instruction part, we’ll have even more for our readers. Maraming salamat po sa inyo!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

5 thoughts on “FFSL Inner Circle Membership (About That Password…)”

  1. Yes I do know you have a members only that requires a password, which I was given recently but just forgot to write down. Apologies for this.

    Kind regards,

    Tom Edison Peña, LUKA, MsPE


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