New Book: Techniques and Fight Strategy

It’s here!

This is my first work following a long, 6 year hiatus from this blog. If you are still with us, thank you! For philosophical reasons, I had to step back from teaching, and ultimately blogging, while I “found myself”. Something about this recreating oneself and soul-searching quests… They never end. Much like the road to perfection and mastery of any craft, it is an ongoing, never-ending, continuous process where you find the hole getting bigger and bigger, more vast and expansive as you go on.

So back to this book. It represents really, where I was in 2013, which is when I stopped working on it. I’ve added a few things to it, and the follow-up to this book, part II, will be where I am now. I had thought to scrap this book in favor of the new, but I realize–my readers will benefit more by reading the original work and thus seeing the process by which I arrived to Mustafa2019.

This will be unlike any FMA book you’ve ever read. I am prepared for the avalanche of criticism to be hurled my way because it won’t read like an FMA book (I mean really, who writes FMA books like this anyway?) But if you give it a chance, I’m positive you will find places in your own regimens and training plans for my ideas. And I’m positive that if you follow my advice, your performance as a fighter will improve significantly. I must emphasize, that this is a book of essays, and not an instructional book or book of drills. The purpose of the book is not to teach my style but to spark conversation and review about FMA fighting technique–for the purposes of actual fighting. If you are a regular on this blog, you should know very well my distinguishing between technique for demonstration or theory, and those for technique. It is time to review what FMA people have been doing to prepare themselves for combat, and ask themselves, “Is this the most effective way to do it?” My books, are here to ask the questions and provide some solutions. Consider it an extension of Dominant Fighter, my first book, and the prequel to Part II, my next book.

So, for the next 40 days we will be offering Techniques and Fight Strategy for $15 as an introductory price. After the New Year, as with all my books, the price will increase to $29. It is, after all, about 140 pages! 151 total, but after the forward and table of contents, about 140, 145) To get a copy, head over to the “Offerings” page, and use the PayPal button. I hope you enjoy it, and happy reading!

Oh, due to my having relocated to the Philippines, please give us at least one day to send out the book, due to time zone differences and poor I internet.

Thank you for supporting my work, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Author: thekuntawman

full time martial arts teacher, full time martial arts philosopher, and full time martial arts critic

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