“Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts
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About Us

Who am I? That’s not important. This blog was created to share with the world the wisdom and philosophy of a man who has completely changed my view of the martial arts after over 20 years of study. Won’t name drop here, but one thing I learned was that you shouldn’t believe the hype. It seems that the more you see a guy in the press, the lower his skills and knowledge are. Now this isn’t true about everyone, but in the last 3 years, I’ve seen some natural-born killers that you will never read about in some Black Belt or Inside Kung Fu magazine.

I am talking about training with the great martial arts master, Mustafa Gatdula. I found him on Tim Mousel’s website DEFEND.NET, and enjoyed reading his posts and some of the flame wars he was involved with. What got me first, were his obviously unique ideas about what the FILIPINO martial arts were about, and how they should be practiced, so I went to his school out of curiosity. What I found, was a very likable, friendly man, who’s students were rock-solid and could easily hold their own against any fighter around. You just don’t see this kind of atmosphere and training in the FMAs today. I came from what he called “the seminar industry”. I’d dabbled in a little of everything, bought entire sets of videos, and school-hopped, and tried to do what Bruce Lee called “creating my own path”. Guro Gatdula is completely the anti of everything I’d ever learned about the Filipino martial arts.

After being sold on his philosophy–and gaining more understanding of it–I surfed several FMA sites and forums and archives, and read almost everything I could find. This stuff could fill a book, I thought, so I approached Guro, and offered to help him write one. To my surprise, he’d been writing one for almost 10 years, but never finished it. It seems, each time he secured help in producing one, the writer would fade away, and sometimes, took material and notes with him. Being a writer myself, I took what he had left, printed out pages and pages of forum posts–and the result is this blog. Folks, I can tell you, you couldn’t read in one book all of the knowledge this man has, and you really can’t learn all the lessons from him in a few years. And this is just his philosophy!

So, do yourself a favor, and bookmark this page. If you are a martial artist (any style)–whether student or teacher–you will learn a lot from this gentleman’s wisdom. I’ve got hundreds of pages of lectures, lessons and insights to share. Before posting, everything will be presented to Master Gatdula for approval and I guarantee that nothing has been embellished, added or edited more than what is necessary to give you pure, unadulterated Kuntawman. These are his words, his art, and his experiences. It’s a shame to provide it for free, but we hope that it will inspire some of you to really look at your arts and how you view them. For those of you who have yet to study with a Master, we invite you to come down and train with us!



6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. I am 3rd generation Chinese/Hawaiian Kempo
    Chow-Chun method ‘Go Shin Jitsu Kai’

    searching for my long lost frien
    ‘Wayne Scorpian Hatcher’

  2. If you’re still checking this blog, I would love to get in contact with Master Hatcher again. I am a former black belt student. He can reach me at kaso22@comcast.net. Or if he still lives at his same address from ten years ago, I would enjoy stopping by for a visit.

    • I do, and I will see if I can find him. We had a few emails asking about Master Hatcher. Did you know Jermaine Watts? He is teaching in my school now, he was friends with Wayne also. I have your email and I will see if I can get a number for him thank yoU!

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