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The Wayward Branch

December 13, 2017

“Listen 10 times, ponder 1,000 times–speak once.” –Turkish proverb One recurring theme you will see repeated on this blog is the idea that martial artists too often fail to think for themselves. Over the last half-century, you will notice that the tides of martial arts philosophy sways with the coming and going of “new” arts […]

Mastery and Innovation

April 12, 2017

In the path to mastery of the martial arts, including especially fighting arts such as Eskrima and Arnis–one must have a certain degree of innovativeness. While not absolutely necessary, for most martial artists perfection and a mastery-level degree of knowledge and skill is impossible without being at least somewhat innovative. Before I begin, let me […]

Personal Combat Styles

January 20, 2017

If you’ve been around for a while on the non-seminar side of the FMAs, you may be familiar with this term, the “Personal Combat” style. Other terms you may hear are something like “Combat Arnis”, “Combat Judo”, “Filipino Karate/Filipino Kung Fu”, etc. My old friend and for a short time, mentor, Carlito LaƱada, who is […]

To Master or Not to Master

December 31, 2016

What type of Filipino martial artist are you? How far do you want to take this thing? What are your goals in the arts? Is it necessary to complete curriculums, teach the art, fight in matches, cross train, or aim for mastery? And that, today my friends, is the question. This question is not one […]

Why the “Perpetual Student” Is Misguided (10 Steps to Expert)

September 2, 2016

There is a concept often thrown around in the FMA/SEAMA circles (mainly, seminar circles) that I must challenge. In the hopes of maintaining one’s appearance of humility, many claim to be “always a student” of the art. Some use this perpetual status as an explanation for always investing in their video collection and adding yet […]

Keep Swinging, pt II (How to Make Video Training Work)

August 30, 2016

If you are an FMA veteran, even if only a veteran student, you may walk away from today’s article feeling cheated. Please don’t, though. Because although much in today’s discussion is common sense and often-quoted advice, very little is followed. I am reiterating them here, because those often-ignored, seemingly common sense things are what stands […]

Shut Up and Swing!

August 27, 2016

In other words, “How to Study the FMA, Even by Video“… I give up. You guys know, I absolutely despise the FMA video industry. Yes, it has helped the FMAs grow commercially. Yeah, grow into a classical, McSupersized Mess! I guess I could go ahead and admit that as much as the video and seminar […]

After Instructor’s Certification… What’s Next?

August 6, 2016

Congratulations! You put in your time, you attended the camps, took your licks, killed the exam–and now your Guro has bestowed a title to you every Arnis students long for: Guro. Surely, you deserve it–you earned it. Your classmates have admired your commitment and willingness to learn, your practice has finally paid off, and everyone […]

Path To the Perfect Martial Arts Student, pt II (The Laboratory)

June 26, 2016

There are many reasons to study the martial arts, and not all of them are to learn to beat people up. However, they all involve combat. Does this sound like a contradiction? I’m sure it does, but I assure you, combat and training for combat does not always equate to beating people up. For example, […]

Path To the Perfect Martial Arts Student (A Series)

June 19, 2016

Can you believe that I wrote 900 words of this article–and then LOST it??? Starting over. And boy I am NOT very happy about this. I need a new computer, jeez. Happy Fathers Day. *fuming* Today is the perfect day to introduce this subject. I first had planned to write this series as a book […]