“Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts
Words from a Modern-Day Warrior


Master Gatdula has written several books that we are editing to offer for purchase very soon. Please check back with us, and we will have descriptions and ordering information.

Now Here… 2 NEW BOOKS!!!

  1. 8 Tips to Boosting Your School’s Income:  This book is 49 pages long, and details the steps you can follow to boosting your school’s income. There are plenty of generic sources out there to help teach how to run a business effectively, but few address the needs of the small, traditional martial arts school. Guro has been running his schools commercially since 1993 and has learned a lot of practical techniques to prospering in the traditional martial arts industry. It is a perfect complement to his first book, Make a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center Dojo. Sold as a PDF for $7, and on hard copy for $19, plus $2 for shipping and handling.
  2. Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Philosophy of the Martial Arts: The first in the series entitled “Filipino Fighting Secrets Live on Hardcopy”. This is a collection of articles from the blog (many have been removed, some were written specifically for this edition) dealing with the philosophy of the martial arts. A must-have for any serious martial artist, whether student, teacher, or master! “Philosophy” is 145 pages long, and worth ten times what we’re asking! If you enjoy the blog, then carry a copy with you everywhere you go, or download it to your laptop and read it whenever you wish. Remember, many of these articles do not appear on the blog and you don’t want to miss anything! PDF versions are $15, and hardcopy (printed and bound with a soft cover) is $29, we pay shipping and handling!

Stay tuned for more, because we have three new books in the works!


Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Techniques and Fighting Strategy

This is the first book we are offering of the Filipino Fighting Secrets Live on Hardcopy series! In this series we are sharing our fighting philosophy that is unique to Filipino fighting arts, and can be applied to any striking system you practice.Guro Gatdula offers training tips, fighting techniques and fighting strategies not found in any FMA book on the market. Don’t fall for cookie-cutter empty hand FMA that is really Wing Chun and Eskrima-without-sticks. If you truly want to enhance your empty handed fighting, this is your only opportunity to find it in book format.

This book has been placed on the shelf until further notice.

Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Martial Arts Philosophy

Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Teaching Philosophy

Filipino Fighting Secrets Live:  Techniques and Fighting Strategy

Get the articles from this blog on HARDCOPY!!!  If you enjoy reading Guro’s articles, take it with you and whip em out wherever you happen to be–even if there’s no WiFi!  We are offering these books in a series of volumes, by category (“Observations and Insights” and “Business of Teaching the Martial Arts” will be added later). Support this blog by purchasing your copy NOW! $29 per book, or $65 for all three. Don’t wait!

Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months (available now!)

This book has been in the making for over 10 years. This is our training method that has been proven to develop the best fighters possible in any martial arts program!  Whether you are training for competition, streetfighting, or fitness–barehanded or weapons–Master Gatdula shares an entire program for taking your martial arts students from beginner to wrecking ball in just twelve months. Price is $29.95, we will cover shipping and handling. PDF versions are $15!

Our first mini-book is ready! It is entitled “Make a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center Dojo”. It is a short, easy read (22 pages) and will give you the tools to help you succeed with your independent Martial Arts School. Whether you have 25 students or 5 students, this book will get you started towards sustaining a self-sufficient martial arts program. Harcopy is only $19 and  PDF versions are $7!! Shipping and handling is $2!

Thank you for visiting our site!


45 Responses to “Offerings”

  1. […] If you like what you’ve read, you’re going to love my upcoming book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months. Available December 2009, but you can order advance copies by visiting my Offerings Page! […]

  2. […] you for reading my blog. Don’t forget to check out my Offerings page, and check out my book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months! […]

  3. […] will be released shortly. The book will sell for $29.95, but you can pre-order (please visit my Offerings page) by sending $19.95 to the address listed (no checks please). You will be the first to receive a […]

  4. […] the way, go to the Offerings page and order my book. called “Making a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center […]

  5. I’m really looking forward to the release of the full length book, and I’d like to buy the 22 page book too… except that I travel permanently, and I need to fit everything I own into a suitcase, so books on paper are not a good match.

    Would you consider one of the following for both books (in descending order of preference):

    (i) provide a downloadable e-book for purchase
    (ii) email me the electronic version as a one off if I pay up front
    (iii) scan the pages of the paper version and email them to me after payment

    If you’d like to sell a downloadable version of the book, and the only thing holding you back is the technology, I’d be delighted to do the techy parts for you.

    Great blog, by the way. I’ve only been following for a couple of weeks, but I’m working through all the (excellent) older posts gradually too.

    Many thanks!

    • thank you very much, i saw your blog too, and its a nice one.

      i am getting some help with the book, which we will do an email book too, im going to have to get on my guys to hurry up and get that part together. we going to put and announcement when its done. thank you for the offer!

      we have a paypay too, but its not on this blog yet.

  6. My name is Rodrigo Sanhueza and I have been practicing fma a couple of years in Chile. We don’t have a great variation in fma schools here nor do we have many visitors from around the world conducting seminars. Our tribe is small but faithful and I have been reading your blog with genuine interest as it represents our own line of thought.
    I would greatly apprecciate if you could send me more information on both books you are offering and addittional charges for shipment all the way to Santiago, Chile.

    • chile? me cunyada ay de chile!

      gracias! que te gusta sabir de el libro? email me y te puedo decir mas!

      • (Sorry master, I tried to email you but I couldn´t find your email adress on your page) Small world, it seems there is a Chilean in every place. I´d like to know what topics you cover in your book “How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months” and how I could order it. We are currently training to start fighting on national tournaments, but our empty hands skills are really poor since we have only been training counters and drills for the last 2 years (mea culpa). That´s why I´m interested in your book, I think it could give us a real push in achieving our goals within a twelve month period.
        Un abrazo y saludos desde Chile

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  8. […] Yup, that’s it. I’m not going to do the thinking and planning for you. You’re the Guro, you figure it out. Just use this method, and you will see a lot of fighting success. Of course, you’ll have even more success if you get a copy of my book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months. […]

  9. […] in December 2009), Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months! Look on my Offerings […]

  10. […] you for reading my blog, and don’t forget to check the Offerings page for updates on my upcoming book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 […]

  11. […] Making a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center Dojo, available for purchase on the Offerings page. Good […]

  12. […] (Dec 2009) Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months, located on the Offerings […]

  13. […] a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months… available soon (Dec 2009) for purchase. Please refer to the Offerings page for […]

  14. […] you for visiting my blog. Please check our Offerings page to get information on my book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 […]

  15. […] make sure you stop by the Offerings page and get my book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 […]

  16. […] What I’m about to give you is a real, true FMA empty hand technique. Yes, it’s not on Youtube, but if you incorporate it you’ll be able to dominate your opponents. That is, unless you use it too much. Go to Youtube to find tricks to show your friends, come here to learn about real fighting strategies that you can incorporate into your arsenal. In fact, plop down the 30 bucks and get my book! […]

  17. […] Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like what we present here, you will definitely enjoy my book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months! […]

  18. i ordered a copy of you mini book “backyard dojo” at the end of nov.”09. ijust got back in town and i can’t locate my order. my siser has been bringing in the mail for me but said it never arrived.i had planned on ordering yor “domonant fighter” handbook for my cousin when i got back depending on how the minibook helped me. please look for a money order with this information on it: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. thank you very much!

  19. […] will be ready by May 1, but you can get a jump on the first 50 by ordering now from the “Offerings” page. Remember, the mystery gift is not yet confirmed, but there will definitely be […]

  20. […] and received it almost instantly. Although the book is small, when you consider that it costs just $9, postage paid, it is practically being given […]

  21. […] for visiting my blog. Make sure to get over to the “Offerings” page and check out my new book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in […]

  22. […] book, Mustafa Gatdula’s How to Build a Dominant Fighter in 12 Months, available on the “Offerings” […]

  23. […] school…. and if you order now, you can save $10 if you get a book before March 30th. See the “Offerings” page for […]

  24. Any news on the eBook versions of any of your works? Credit card poised and at the ready…

  25. […] Arsenal. If you had bought my book, you would understand this point. You cannot train everything in your curriculum to the point of […]

  26. […] you check out the Offerings page, you will see that my books are considerably more. But if you purchase them now, you will get them […]

  27. […] for visiting my blog. By the way, go to the Offerings page and check out my new book on Philosophy of the Martial […]

  28. […] mailing addresses and details of every person who inquired into your school? If not, please get a copy of my book, Making a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center Dojo. Even if you have a school, this […]

  29. […] (rather long–2,024 words!) blog. Check out my book on Martial Arts Philosophy on the “Offerings” […]

  30. […] for visiting my blog. By the way, folks… My new book “Philosophy“, will be live on Amazon in about two weeks. When that happens, I will not offer it on this […]

  31. Master Gatdula,
    I recently read the e-book:’How to build a dominant fighter in 12 months’.
    Like,this evening.
    When i started the prompter at the top of my screen claimed it was 93 pages long!And i figured id read a bit every evening..
    Untill i had digested all its content.
    Instead,i read it all with such vigour.
    As it was presented in easy to read bold font.And spoke in a manner that has left me enthused and excited!
    I appreciate the insights shared.
    Best regards.

  32. Is there a way to get all the ebooks in one package? I tried going on my paypal account and doesn’t say which book to choose. Please help. Thank you.

  33. I am interested in purchasing the ebook or pdf versions of the books you are offering but have not found a link for making a purchase. If you could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!

  34. […] economy. I do have two books on the business side of the martial arts that you can find on the “Offerings” page, as well as a section of articles on martial arts business (pertaining specifically to the Filipino […]

  35. Good afternoon Sir, I am interested in purchasing some of your PDFs but cannot find an order page. I found the donations page but no the order page.
    I am interested in :
    Make a living with your back yard/ garage/ community center dojo
    8 tips to boosting your schools income
    Filipino Fighting Secrets Live
    Thank you so much in advance for help in ordering these titles from you.

    • hello

      the student who use to help me with the page is no longer working on it, so i just put out articles now. you can send the paypal through the donation button and then in the memo, add a note about what you want to order. I’ll get an email in minutes and then sent them right to your email. thanks!

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