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How a School Can Go From Good to GREAT, part III

September 18, 2009

They say that half of being a martial arts teacher is finding suitable students. I believe it is more than just filling up your floor with as many people as possible. Of course, doing so will add to your bottom line, giving you the income to teach without worry about financial issues. It also gives […]

How a School Can Go From Good to GREAT, part II

August 31, 2009

#1:  The Level 5 Leader An organization cannot grow without a strong and committed leader. Notice that I did not say manager, but “leader”. Look at your school/style as an organization and not a business. In order for your school to make the leap from a money-making school to an organization people will talk about […]

How a School Can Go From Good to GREAT, part I

August 30, 2009

I am not a well-educated man. Most of what I know came from reading and then trial and error. When I read a book, called Good To Great, by Jim Collins, I understood something I only partially understood through my upbringing as a young man and as a young martial artist. This idea is the […]

Planning to Have that Baby, pt II

August 15, 2009

Right now, I am in Long Beach, California, on my way to take my 12 year old nephew, Yahya, who has just spent 4 weeks with me, back to Washington, DC. I wanted to put him on a plane alone, but 3 hours before his plane took off, he decided that he did not want […]