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Using Sport Karate to Improve Streetfighting

I am going to give you a secret that will improve your overall fighting ability 100% if only you’d listen and learn, and open your mind.

First, forget all that crap about point karate not being realistic enough. I can tell you, most of the guys who say that aren’t doing anything else “more realistic”.

Within my school’s walls is a sub-system I created just for those who want to learn to fight on the tournament circuit–whether they want to fight full contact or point. It is mandatory for my Kuntaw students to study, and I strongly recommend my Kung Fu students to participate as well. I call this system Gatdula’s Sport Karate. It is a three-tier system that utilizes more than 60 techniques, and each of the 60 techniques is drilled at least 500 times before a student is allowed to move on to the next level. Besides the 60 techniques, we have more than 15 secrets that the students must learn and live by. I will reveal only one today on this blog:

You must treat each contact you make with your opponent as if this were the only exchange you and the opponent will have.

Point fighting, in essence, the perfection of the initial attack. It is perfecting how we engage the opponent and how we counter him when he initiates the attack. That is it. What you do after the exchange is up to you. For the point fighter, a point is called; for the ring fighter, he must finish the opponent. But learning to master the initial attack and the various ways to counter those attacks is what point fighting is all about. When you have perfected this craft, you learn to gain the upper hand on an opponent–whether in the ring or on the street–because you have learned both to land the first shot as well as counter the first shot (and make the opponent miss).

This is a philosophy post, not a technique post, so I am not telling you how this is accomplished. You are welcome to experiment with this concept in fighting by simply sparring for points. It isn’t as hard as people would have you believe, and learning to do so won’t hurt your fighting ability. Rather, it will give your fighting ability a little nitrous oxide behind it. When you land first, you have a greater chance of landing 2nd, 3rd and ultimately, end the altercation. When you get hit first, you have less of a chance to counter and you are more likely to get hit again if the opponent decides to take you out immediately.

This will be the first of a series of posts on this subject, and I hope you will take some of my advice to heart and actually get out on the circuit and make it happen. Trust me, you will see a huge improvement to your fighting ability if you do. If anyone lives in the Sacramento area, please contact me so you can stop by and I will prove to you in person how effective this type of fighting can be (or anything else I put on this blog).

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