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Prepare a Successor

December 15, 2009

Today, I had a nice surprise, as my baby brother (who is 25 years old) stopped by to visit while I was working out. I had helped to raised him since he was 6 because my mother was sick, and when he was 12 he came to live with me full time. Out of all of […]

Producing Good FMA Instructors, pt V

October 31, 2009

This will be a short entry, because I have one small tip that really means a lot and I want it to have its own article. I’ve discovered after 18 years of teaching the arts in my own school, and after over 1,000 students, that the best way to teach martial arts skills is in […]

Producing Good FMA Instructors, pt IV

October 25, 2009

When I was a young man, I knew only one method of living the martial arts, that of a young martial artist and fighter. Because of my exposure to older masters who still kept their skills up–including many who still fought (like Lemuel Talley, Billy Bryant, and James Wyatt)–I was critical of those who allowed […]

Producing Good FMA Instructors, pt III

October 24, 2009

When I first began teaching, I was 15 years old and my Jow Ga Sifu, Master Dean Chin, had just died. Within our Kung Fu school, most of my older brothers were Sifu’s age or older and no one thought in a million years that we would be left with his legacy so quickly. A […]

Producing Good FMA Instructors, pt II

October 23, 2009

The premise behind my teaching philosophy is that we are first, trying to build strong fighters and secondly, trying to train new instructors. Underneath that philosophy is a second, more traditional philosophy that we “graduate” new instructors rather than create hierarchies of them. There are already hierarchies among martial artists based on skill, age, popularity […]

Perfection and Mastery in the Martial Arts

October 22, 2009

Can one ever actually master or otherwise achieve perfection in the martial arts? Of course the so-called “experts” of the FMAs will answer emphatically, no. I expected that. Why? Because the Filipino martial artist today really has no depth to his martial arts due to the industry’s commercialism. He lacks strong understanding of fighting strategy […]

Training versus Teaching Students

October 18, 2009

Original, unedited post from 2006. We will have a more detailed, edited post up soon, but I thought I’d tease everyone with something from the “kuntawman” archives: training vs teaching many FMA people, i noticed, spend a lot of time teaching the student and not training them. what makes a fighter effective, is what he […]

Producing Good FMA Instructors

October 16, 2009

The business of the FMA has helped the traditional teacher find a way to make a living and grow his art and school, but it has weakened each generation of students as the years go by. But all is not lost! In the past two decades, the Filipino arts have become diluted and commercial. In […]