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Train Full-Time as an FMA Teacher Candidate!

The Typhoon Philippine School of Martial Arts is pleased to announce a full-time training program for those interested in learning Filipino Fighting Arts and becoming a teacher of the arts. This is not a seminar series! You will attend classes 5 – 6 days a week, 1/2  day Mon – Fri, and all day on Saturdays. Your training will be rigorous and strenuous. However, your fighting skill will be unrivaled by any FMA program in existence. This is a TRUE Stick/Knife/Empty Hand program, as you will study Kuntaw and Eskrima.

Training is 10 months per year, with the months of July and December off, and after your second year you will be eligible for Instructorship. Tuition will not be charged past your second year if you are not ready for promotion.

All students will learn from Guro Gatdula personally, and you will be introduced to all aspects of our style.

Tuition is $3,990 per year, or $499/month. At this rate, students may be able to work while training. You must reside in Sacramento in order to enroll; you are responsible for securing housing and food, but we will assist you. Your tuition includes all training equipment. This is a rolling enrollment, so students may join at any time.

There is no FMA program similar to this in Northern America. Serious students only require.

For more information, please see this post.


4 Responses to “Train Full-Time as an FMA Teacher Candidate!”

  1. […] the Typhoon Philippine School of Martial Arts, I have been planning a full-time, in-residence martial arts program. Just as one who wishes to enter Business, Law or Medicine would go to school full-time to pursue […]

  2. Hi Sifu.
    Trust you are well.
    As per your instruction,asking that you please check your e-mail [r.e-potential full-time FMA student] .
    Thanks and regards,

  3. I’m in my early fifties did some training karate,Live in Framingham,Ma area…I will come to Sacramento,Ca to train.
    Thank you
    Tony Gathers

  4. Hi Mo,

    This is Kenny. I retired from my job at the end of December. I opened a boxing gym here in Maryland recently. I would love to speak with you. We have not spoken since you left here after interviewing for a job with Southwest Airlines. My. Cell# 443. 929-3189. The name of my gym is Golden Aces Boxing Academy.

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